A Film On True Human Development And Peace. 
Screenplay is Ready With Shot Division. Producer / Financier are Welcome. Also distributor and sales agent are Welcome. Shooting Will Start As Soon As Possible. To Know About Me, Please Visit The Page:  Resume. Thank You.

Synopsis of the Film:


A college girl is attacked on a lonely road by a gang of rapist. Just then –suddenly a young boy comes in to that place and rescues that girl by the help of his club friends.


An abnormal –ill atmosphere is present in our all sides. Murder –rape –highway robbery –cheating –evil-doings are daily news of this time! An agitating –disorderly situation! At such a time, an excellent system of basic education of true self-development –by the name ‘MahaDharma’ is introduced there.


That boy and girl come into close friends, and they become attracted to the true human development program of ‘MahaDharma’. Many say, only ‘MahaDharma’ is able to deliver humankind from this critical situation.


The boy and girl gradually are able to understand through different circumstances and practicing ‘MahaDharma’, that ignorance and illness is the root cause of most problems and this critical situation! They feel, to gain true freedom, we need to introduce this excellent self-development education everywhere. True human development will be possible through self-development with right healing procedure which is the aim of ‘MahaDharma’ –the way of better life.


It’s a Feature Film. Length: more or less 80 Minutes. Filming will be treated as Feature Film. Screenplay is ready, written in Bengali language.

Concept :


An Indian sage MahaManas said, Oppression – rape – outrage, murder, conspiracy – corruption –deception, – inhuman destructive violent madness –those which are being taken place in our all sides, at the root of those, there are– scantiness of consciousness, blindness owing to ignorance and severe aberration of the mind –mental sickness. …


As a human being by birth or desire, you may belong to any current religion. As a human being, your leading and fundamental ‘Dharma’ is ‘Manav Dharma’.


By holding or sustaining which system or way, one can realize oneself in his/her own reality and can be able to get a better life, can advance towards the aim of life –to be fully developed human being, is ‘MahaDharma’.


‘MahaDharma’ is the duties –karmas and thinking, fit for human beings. The main among that is– trying to ‘develop the mind’, as much as possible, to proceed with the aim of growing ‘Completely developed human being’. ‘Manav Dharma’ is ‘MahaDharm’. That is ‘MahaDharma’


which helps to develop our mind and helps to get universal soundness.By holding which ‘Dharma’ (The excellent –incomparable system of basic education) one can be able to advance towards the path of true and universal self-development –to be a fully developed human being –is ‘MahaDharma’.


This is the basic idea of this Film.

NYZEN FILMS (New Young Generation Films) is established for Captivating Good Film Production, to unveil our Problems, Truths and also to show the Way of Solution,

–the Way of Better Life.

This Film will be made in three languages –Bengali, Hindi and English. 


I will give 70% of profit to all investors. It will be divided into all investors according to their part.  I have experienced Team with me, those who are expert in film production I will add investors’ name in my Film in the credit title.

Songs (Lyrics and tunes of the songs) and Screenplay is ready with dialogue andshot division.



Story – Screenplay – Music & Direction : Sumeru Ray

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Location:  West Bengal, India.


Language: Bengal, Hindi and English .


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